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"Booked It!" Spotlight : Devil May Cry 5

Hello everyone!

Today we feature three out of the nine VOC members that are incredibly grateful to be involved with one of the hottest games out right now...Devil May Cry 5!!

The Booked It! Spotlight serves as a window to the booking and recording process. MOST of the time, there is something "special" that got you the gig. Now that may be an improv you did, right place right time networking, the countless years of practice you put in, a special skill you have, and until you sit back and remember what it was, you don't even realize it. So here's your chance to explore individuals journeys and see for yourself what it takes. Keep in mind, EVERYONE'S journey is different, so find yours! Without further adieu, let's get started...

Molly Daisy (Hell Judecca)

Molly Daisy is Hell Judecca

"Because of the Mocap classes I had taken with the Mocap vaults, I had gotten to make friends with other VO actors that knew of my particularly different set of skills. A post was made by Mari Ueda of Rouge Mocap, within our Mocap group on FB asking for “vocal shredders.” Naturally, I got tagged by like 3 different friends and so I sent Mari a link to a YouTube video of when I was on tour years ago with a band I would yell loudly for. 

She put me on avail immediately, and a week later I went in. I didn’t know what it was for, I didn’t know if there was any Mocap for it because I had only done one legit VO job before that (for another video game doing the same kind of work, which is screaming for hours). 

I get to the studio and find out it’s for a game called DEVIL MAY CRY and it’s the 5th installment. Capcom was on skype the entire time, giving direction and feedback with such enthusiasm I couldn’t understand because I don’t speak Japanese, but I could definitely pick up in the tone. They said the word “rocku-staru,” at one point. I did some ADR for the game too, and learned that I was a big ol bad guy and his skeleton minions. They were so impressed with my being able to scream and do whatever they wanted. I wish it lasted longer but these types of things go by so fast when they happen.

Anyway, I guess I learned that making friends has been my own way of networking, and that everything in my past has helped me become who I am today. I’m very thankful, thanks for letting me tell my story!" ~ Molly


Becky Boxer (Malphas)

Bekcy Boxer is Malphas

"Let me begin by saying that I am a huge fangirl when it comes to horror, fantasy and Sci Fi! It has always been my dream to play a juicy evil character! I was in Chicago spending time with my ailing Grandmother when Jay mentioned this casting call on The VOC Facebook Page. Reading the description of Malphas, I was like HELL YES! I had a blast using my favorite evil, sexy character voice for the audition (which I recorded in my parents’ basement).  When Jay reached out because Rogue Mocap wanted to HIRE me, I was ecstatic! I have had the honor of being in SIMS 3 and other games, but I have never been a BOSS! 

Upon arrival at the first session, I was a ball of nerves. I had looked for my audition file everywhere and couldn’t find it. Thankfully, they played me some of my audition for reference. Then, I took a deep breath and went for it! At first, I stumbled a bit. I hate to admit this, because I want to be all bad ass and tell you that I rocked it from the start, but the truth is…I was SO nervous. However, I have been acting and preparing for an opportunity like this for a long time. So, I trusted my training, passion and craft and went for it. I mean, I love this stuff! It took me a few lines to relax into it, and allow myself to embody Malphas. During the session, I focused on the director’s words and the mocap actress’s face as she performed each line. It was an incredible experience and I was lucky enough to be able to go back for two more sessions! By the second session, my confidence had increased and I was able to give my best performance! 

Shortly before my final session, I received word that my Grandmother was nearing the end of her life. We were very close and she wanted me by her side. It’s hard when it comes to work vs family because I am very passionate about both. I was feeling so grateful for this game, and therefore hesitant to ask if they could change the date. However, knowing I had to make it back to Chicago ASAP, I summoned the courage and asked. The team at Rogue Mocap were incredibly supportive and understanding. Without hesitation they moved the session up so that I could do it and fly back to Chicago as soon as possible. I learned an important lesson about asking for what I needed and couldn’t have been more grateful for the results. I made it to My Grandmother’s side in time, and (as a bonus), she was proud of me for booking the game! 

Voicing Malphas in DMC 5 was seriously a dream come true for me! The game is incredible and my character, with her three-heads and chicken body, is as creepy and evil as you can get." ~ Becky


Jay Preston (Nidhogg)

Jay Preston is Nidhogg

"I couldn't have been more excited when I got the call that I booked an actual role in this game!! My experience with DMC5 was actually really incredible, and it has to in some way have started way back 15 or so years ago at Dean College in Franklin, Ma. My roommate Matt Storm and I got the very first DMC for the Playstation. We skipped so many classes to play that game. I've played every one since and am such a huge fan of the series.  Cut to 11 years later, through all the connections and friendships and workshops, I found myself learning from the amazing folks at the Mocap Vaults and spending many days at Rouge Mocap studios. Through just being there, showing that I had talent, and being fun to be around, I was asked to help out with a table read. Of course I said yes, and had no idea what it was for.  When I got to the studio, I start to realize...this is the cast of DMC!! I was merely filling in for one of the actors that was out of town, but getting to read along side these incredible actors....ugh... I was just happy with THAT experience. They were all talking about going to Japan to do the mocap and all that, and as I left I thought...man, what a dream it would be.   Then a few months later, I get a few auditions for a code named game from my friends at Rouge and they even asked me to help find some other characters, so I read for all the parts and sent them in. A few weeks later, I find out that I booked one! It was a mutant fly type creature and the voice I created for it was so much fun and super dynamic, I couldn't wait. When I got to the studio for my session, I was shown the character and it wasn't the one I thought I had booked. So the voice I had prepared and practiced wasn't a good fit for Nidhogg. In fact, I don't even see the type of character that I remember from the audition in DMC5, so maybe it was changed or left out. So I had to work with the amazing team to come up with a voice for Nidhogg on the spot. What we ended up with was a more demonic and dumbed down version of my other character because as you now know Nidhogg is definitely not the smartest of parasites, so it was a blast to record. " ~ Jay


Other members of the VOC that we are SO happy for in the game are;

Liisa Lee (Death Scissors)

Brad Venable (Griffon)

Haviland Stillwell (Patty)

Elizabeth Hales (Artemis)

Eliah Mountjoy (Proto Angelo)

Michael Schwalbe (Balrog)

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