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"Booked It!" Spotlight - Resident Evil 2

Hi everyone!

"MAY" I interest you in an excellent read spotlighting the VOC's own Nick Apostolides on his incredible role as LEON in Resident Evil 2!

"When you receive an audition for your FAVORITE game franchise of ALL time, WHAT DO YOU DO?? Many of my VO friends here love Video Games, and I want to share what I think is a crucial lesson in both Perspective + Confidence.

REWIND: I've been gaming all my life, starting with the good 'ol NES! When I learned 4 years ago that acting IN video games was a viable career path, I began my research. I had a good command over my voice from extensive film/commercial work but I set my sights to Motion Capture - not a simple venture! After a year and much effort, I was given my FIRST shot at a game audition off of a self-submit of all things....and this one was a JUGGERNAUT!  It was for the lead role - Leon Kennedy - in the Resident Evil 2 Remake [Motion Capture, Facial Capture, Voice).  Naturally, I freaked and peed my pants a little. The pressure...the personal gravity of the project......*the inexperience in the field....

~which brings me to the point of this spotlight ~

Casting heavily favored MoCap and/or theater experience on the resume. I had neither = 2 strikes already?  Having not ONE clue what to expect in the audition room, I reached out to a friend and MoCap veteran America Young. She probably sensed my apprehension, and gave me a piece of advice that changed my entire approach. She calmly explained that "the MoCap world is like the Wild Wild West; if you're RIGHT for the role, you CAN book the job...resumes aside." That was a sobering pivot-point.  She instilled a necessary confidence in me, and reassured that if I was *fit for the role, and *prepared for the audition, then *I was good enough.  With the invaluable help of friends James, Darren, and my supportive girlfriend Henriette, I prepped hard, lowered the horns, destroyed the audition and eventually booked the most important role of my life to date.  

For those of you looking to voice games and/or step into the MoCap suit, remember that YOU are good enough.  If you play video games, you know that there are so many different types of characters in these worlds... of all shapes, sizes, skills, quirks and sounds...  They need 'em all! There is a lot of talent here in LA, but that shouldn't deter you one bit. I do believe there is success to be had here for all that truly deserve it.  HUSTLE your butt off, train hard, and most importantly, HAVE FUN! 

I've had a great time reading some of the past spotlights here on the VOC - you guys & gals are some of the most talented people I've ever met! I only hope that my experience is a helpful one to the community" ~ Nick Apostolides

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