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Vintage Spotlight!

Here's a booked it story by a long time member of ours! We originally did these spotlights in the facebook group for our members to gain inspiration and for those that booked to recall events that may have lead to that booking! Without further yah know...

"BOOKED IT" Spotlight by Marie Westbrook

"Okay, so I've been wanting to tell this story for a few weeks now but waited until the final steps were made and spot was up and airing, because as you know, nothing is ever certain. I couldn't have booked this job without two huge components...my rock star agents at Atlas and my rock star demo done by Chuck Duran. My agents had pitched my demo to the agency for a spot for Cindy Crawford's Meaningful Beauty line.

They requested an audition, which I quickly sent in. About a week later they asked if I could come record a demo to pitch to the client. At that time, I was going in assuming my read would be similar to the audition I sent in, the only direction I got for that was a beauty read. The creative director told me she loved my read but they were looking for my "Chex Mix voice" from my demo. So, even though I didn't send them the sound they were looking for in my audition, because my agents had pitched my demo, she knew I could do what she wanted for the spot and still brought me in.

We recorded the demo which was then presented to the client for approval. I didn't put too much weight in it because you just move on to the next job/audition in this business but it was definitely in the back of my mind. I then got the call that they wanted to move forward and record the spot for TV, yay! We did a phone patch session at a studio. The creative director was having a difficult time hearing me and although she was really nice, I could tell she was a bit frustrated and wasn't sure if we were getting it. Of course, I started thinking maybe I wasn't delivering. They were on a very tight deadline, so we sent files in as we recorded to be edited. When the session ended we still had tags that needed to be read. She said we would do that with the pickups because we had gone over well our session time. The next session did come, even though I feared they would decide it wasn't working. The creative director made sure to let me know the issues in the last session had nothing to do with me and that she and the client loved how it all turned out.

So, my lesson here was, they hired me because of what they knew I could do and I did it. Any self doubt during that session came from sound issues combined with a big deadline. Neither of which had anything to do with me. I also am so incredibly appreciative of my agents, believing in me and truly working for me. They have gotten me a lot of work that way. So because of them and my demo, which has paid for itself a thousand times over, I basically got a fast pass to the finish line. " ~ Marie

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Follow her on Twitter! https://twitter.com/MWestbrookVO

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