VO Communities

Networking. Community. Friendships. The VO industry is unlike any other. Being a part of it, is like having an extended family. Find the group or groups that best suit you and your location!

Submit to the Voice Arts Awards and use your voice for a good cause with VO Cares

GVAA is an online voiceover school that provides a strong and caring support system for each and every student

The Voxernaut Initiative strives to put today's top voice over actors and artists at the forefront of the industry, and promote their success.

GStreet is a twice weekly workout group that is based out of soundBOX:LA.  Open to all levels of voice talent who want a safe and encouraging environment to improve their skills. 

  Each week hosts Anne Ganguzza and Gabby Nistico host a podcast to help you grow your voiceover business. VO BOSS will be your guide to B.O.S.S. – Business Owner Strategies and Success!

Voice Actors Network is a place for the working/auditioning voice actor to connect and reconnect with our top industry professionals. We also offer work out "clinics" with top voiceover industry professionals.

The VO Peeps mission is not only to network with other voice over artists and industry professionals but to provide continuing education initiatives focused on growing our members’ voiceover skills while enhancing their business model.

A community of both aspiring and veteran voiceover professionals in the upper-midwest, managed by the North Loop Voiceover Workshop.


The Tennessee Voice Over Exchange(T-VOE) exists to promote, unify, and develop the VO community in Tennessee and beyond through identifying everyone’s unique values and gifts and providing tools, education, and resources!

A hand-picked, selective collective of professional female voice artists representing every genre, sound & niche in the industry.


World-Voices Organization is the VO community's only Industry Trade Organization with a mission to advocate, educate, create awareness and empower individual voice actors.  Our community of nearly 900 voice actors are active and motivated to help each other. 

The V.O. Dojo is a training, networking, and resource center connecting voiceover actors of all levels, from those with an initial spark of interest to seasoned V.O. professionals.

VO Conventions

These are the places where you can find incredible educational opportunities, meet new friends and maybe even get some VO Swag!  

Unlike many conferences with tens of thousands in attendance, VO Atlanta is a focused industry event attracting talent, agents, directors, and industry resources from around the world

Voice-Arts-FB-Voice Arts Awards

The Voice Arts® Awards is a global competition celebrating some of the world’s most brilliant media, where the voice is a key creative element. Voice Actors, Creative Directors, Producers, Marketing Executives, Copywriters, Audio Engineers, Casting Directors and Spoken Word Artists all have a voice, and all will shine via 90  distinct categories English and Spanish, and other international languages. Award winners will be announced on Sunday, December 6, 2020 at the Voice Arts® Awards Gala. Due to COVID-19 precautions, which are still in place by Federal, State and local governments, it has been determined that the annual Voice Arts® Awards Gala will be live streamed (without an audience). Winners and Nominees will be announced, and winning works will be made available for online screening.