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Need a recording studio near you? Looking to cast a voice talent for a project?

Are you a voice actor hoping to get on a talent roster? Perhaps you are trying to find the best website to get VoiceOver opportunities!? The VOC is a proud partner of The Industry's oldest and most definitive voice over resource, The Voice Over Resource Guide! Below you'll find an easy way to navigate to exactly what your looking for in The VORG!

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If it's on this map, someone from the VOC has worked with them!

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Recording Studio

Voice Casting

Still looking?! Head on over the The VORG for an even BIGGER Map!

The Voice Over Resource Guide 2023
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Voice Over Casting

Whether you want to cast a project or be cast in a project, casting directors or casting houses are the old school tried and true way to go. Yes, there are other methods to finding talent or getting found, but there's a reason casting directors are still here, busy as heck, and actively sought out. Below are some of the best in the business. VOC members work with them all often and couldn't love 'em more! 

Helpful Hints...

• Should I choose a Union or Non-Union actor for my project? Here's an amazing blog to help you out.

• Non-Union actors can be put in Union projects but not the other way around. Read more about TAFT-Hartley Here!

• Casting Directors & Casting Houses have access to ALL the talent agencies. So you are getting the best in the biz!

Head on over to The Voice Over Resource Guide for a complete up to date and reliable listing of the best Casting Services, Directors and Houses in the United States!

The Voice Over Resource Guide Voice Casting
Casting Dirctors

And of course Pay to Play sites

We know there's a mindset for beginning actors coming up in this changed landscape that says
"I don't need an agent" to find voice-work out there. As a Client, perhaps you don't think you have a budget for professional talent or you think casting directors and agents make things more difficult and take too much time (we've heard it all). 
BUT, If you are going to use a Pay 2 Play casting site. At least use a VOC recommended one.
These are the only one's making an effort to work with the VO industry today. 

• TALENT ~ Make sure to stay true to industry standard rates. •
• PRODUCERS ~ Don't become a bargain basement VO producer. •

As the first and most trusted online platform that’s dedicated to fashioning the future of the voice over craft, Voice123 helps thousands of voice actors and clients all over the world establish productive and lasting relationships every day. We serve our growing global community to the very best of our ability. Voice123 truly allows its users to speak for themselves!

NewVOPlogoFINALtransparent2.png is a professionals-only community of voice actors. We offer a simple, direct and trusted connection to some of the most respected and experienced names in the voiceover industry. Cast completely fee free, work direct and discover why VOPlanet is the better way to cast voiceovers. Unlike other websites of its kind, bodalgo will not allow amateurs to join its roster. Therefore, every profile is manually checked (and rejected in case the quality of the demos provided does not support a professional impression).


What's more, every job gets reviewed manually before it is sent out to matching talents. Even before a job gets in the approval queue, bodalgo's automatic budget control system checks for low budgets in real time and prompts the client to reconsider the budget offered.


bodalgo offers a free basic membership that will give talents full database exposure. Clients can contact basic talents with no one paying. Premium members will be able to audition for jobs posted. Membership starts at 24,90 Euro monthly (around 28 USD at the time of writing). There are also half-yearly and yearly plans available. 


bodalgo is run by Armin Hierstetter, a Rock Star.

Pay to Play sites aren't going anywhere and many have brought our industry to an all time low.  Agencies, Producers, Directors and Actors alike have begun to take a stand and create new and better ways to work in today's crazy market. Here are a few incredible key sites you should get to know! 

Cast Voices Voice casting

CastVoices is made by a team of agents, actors, and industry professionals who have been part the VO community for over 20 years. We live and breathe voiceover, just like you. And just like everybody else, we think that the industry can be more transparent and less expensive.


Fun Facts

• Actors get the same opportunities even with a free account

•Auditions are sent through Invite, Agent or Casting Director only
• Casting Directors & Producers can create Talent Pools

• No fees or commissions from any projects

Select VO voiceover casting believes a great casting experience begins with an easy-to-use interface

and ends with talent agents and clients working together to find the right voice.

Union and Non Union Voice Casting made simple.  $200 per project, no hidden fees.

Cast. Collaborate. Select.

Fun Fact

• This is not a portal for actors. Simply Clients, Agents and Casting directors. Why you ask!?

"Many online voice casting sites allow anyone (who’s willing to pay) the ability to audition. That may be great for that site’s revenue stream, but it’s the antithesis of casting’s true purpose: to find the best talent for the job. We care more about the outcome, than the income." ~ Select Vo

VO Agent Alliance

They are an active group of agents who regularly collaborate to address industry issues, and support each other in our efforts to stem the tide of rate erosion. They also work to educate people about industry terms, rates and issues, as well as collaborating with other groups.

Voice Casting Hub

It was designed by producers,  ad agencies, and some of the best agents in the industry with Matt Dubois at the helm as Developer through his company Cloud 9.  


Some of the features include:

    • Easily cast and manage all of your voiceover projects.

    • Find and work with top voiceover talent agencies.

    • Review, share and approve auditions from a single platform.

    • Search and listen to voiceover demos from top agent represented VO talent.

logo_pr.png is intelligent technology for Buyer or Talent. The unique philosophical difference at is rooted in empowering voiceover Talent to build fruitful careers. A site that supercharges careers is THE resource buyers are seeking – the entire process and in-turn, business, is elevated.

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