January 2022

Happy New Year!!
Voice Over & Covid-19

Stay informed, stay safe


Join us as we plan for a safer return to studios 

Loss of income/Disaster relief 

  • Check out this page to look into filing for unemployment 

  • SAG-AFTRA has created a great information database about all upcoming changes HERE

  • The Actor’s Fund has financial assistance programs for ALL actors

  • The VOC Relieve fund
    The VOC has set up a fund account to help those in dire needs. It's funded by generous donations by everyone in the community. If you'd like to help and can spare a lil extra change, please do. Chip In

And here's a link to one of our 

Covid-19 VOC Newsletters

With tons of home studio set up info

Brand New MUST HAVE audio plug ins!

Amazing Audio Editing plug in Era5

Don't believe me? Watch this!

Keep your vocal cords strong!


The Voice Straw is scientifically shown to improve technique for singers, voiceover actors, and anyone who relies on voice projection as part of their work. It’s a must-have tool for anyone looking to improve their sound and strengthen their voice!

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Online / Weekly

VO Workouts

Voicecaster Burbank

$10 weekly workouts! The Voicecaster's Virtual VO Workout Group (VVOWG) is an on-going virtual workout for VO talent of all levels who want to practice their auditioning skills and get feedback directly from The Voicecaster's team of casting directors! We do two groups a week with a variety of commercial copy and you can submit or pass as you please! 
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VO Weekly Workout VOWW

It's Back and Better!

Created by Jay Preston, Tim Friedlander for the VO Community!

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Voice Actors Network
Submissions open Jan 27th!
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Whether you just got your first home studio setup with some blankets and your first microphone, or you're an established VO pro, there are countless ways to improve and optimize your home studio audio.

Tell him you're part of the VOCFAMILY!

Audition Ready Online Course

VOC member Tim Tippets, the Audio Guru himself has turned his 1 on 1 course into the most comprehensive and easy to listen to and learn online course!

If you were like me, and thought, I'll never figure out the tech side of audio. I don't know what EQ means, I have no idea how to use all the stuff that comes with my editing program other than RECORD..save.. um... WELL, I'm telling you, I know, after 1 hour, can tell someone about EQ. Get in on this my friends. It's game changing. Go Learn!

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Our Industry Today


It's always there, lingering but some months it seems like the wave of low ballers is out of control. Just want to serve up a little reminder. It's up to US to keep the industry standards of fair rates going strong. Union and non-union alike. There are fair rates for the usage rights of your voice. These rates vary based on where the ad will be aired, how long it will air, how it will be used. Your session fee and so many other factors it can sometimes SEEM easier to just say, "yup, I'll do it for that rate". But you are missing out on soooo much money when you do that. And you are also encouraging this low ball behavior.

The Union Rate guide is here

The Non-Union Rate guide is here
The UK Rate Guide is here

The VOC members weekly and daily educate new clients on rates. Some clients don't care, and find someone else (if they can). Some clients had no idea and raise their rates. Some clients don't have the budget for the usage they are asking, so they bring it down from a 3 year buyout to a 1 year custom buyout. Some clients know FULL WELL what it should be, but they were hoping the voice they loved would be a bottom feeder, and they quickly come up with the extra money. We've come to understand that they all aren't trying to save money on the talent level. They just simply don't understand the industry standard rates. This is another reason why work through an agent or casting house is the absolute best! THEY deal with all that for us. So encourage work through your agents and encourage fair rates!! Don't be afraid to "lose a job" if that job is a loss for the vo industry. Stand up for your Rates. 

Pay to Play sites aren't going anywhere and many have brought our industry to an all time low.  Agencies, Producers, Directors and Actors alike have begun to take a stand and create new and better ways to work in today's crazy market. Here are a few incredible key sites you should get to know! 

Cast Voices Voice casting

CastVoices is made by a team of agents, actors, and industry professionals who have been part the VO community for over 20 years. We live and breathe voiceover, just like you. And just like everybody else, we think that the industry can be more transparent and less expensive.


Fun Facts

• Actors get the same opportunities even with a free account

•Auditions are sent through Invite, Agent or Casting Director only
• Casting Directors & Producers can create Talent Pools

• No fees or commissions from any projects

Select VO voiceover casting

SelectVO.com believes a great casting experience begins with an easy-to-use interface

and ends with talent agents and clients working together to find the right voice.

Union and Non Union Voice Casting made simple.  $200 per project, no hidden fees.

Cast. Collaborate. Select.

Fun Fact

• This is not a portal for actors. Simply Clients, Agents and Casting directors. Why you ask!?

"Many online voice casting sites allow anyone (who’s willing to pay) the ability to audition. That may be great for that site’s revenue stream, but it’s the antithesis of casting’s true purpose: to find the best talent for the job. We care more about the outcome, than the income." ~ Select Vo

VO Agent Alliance

They are an active group of agents who regularly collaborate to address industry issues, and support each other in our efforts to stem the tide of rate erosion. They also work to educate people about industry terms, rates and issues, as well as collaborating with other groups.

Voice Casting Hub

It was designed by producers,  ad agencies, and some of the best agents in the industry with Matt Dubois at the helm as Developer through his company Cloud 9.  


Some of the features include:

    • Easily cast and manage all of your voiceover projects.

    • Find and work with top voiceover talent agencies.

    • Review, share and approve auditions from a single platform.

    • Search and listen to voiceover demos from top agent represented VO talent.


VOICEOVERS.com is intelligent technology for Buyer or Talent. The unique philosophical difference at VOICEOVERS.com is rooted in empowering voiceover Talent to build fruitful careers. A site that supercharges careers is THE resource buyers are seeking – the entire process and in-turn, business, is elevated.


a simple guide

<< be honest about where you are in your vo career and what your rates should be >>

Tier 1

Years Working

Acting Backround / Union Status
none / a little/ in classes / non union

usb mic / no sound booth or closet /
limited editing skills

Classes Coaches Workshops
none / just started / in classes

Booking Work
you are booking at least once a month

 / you still have a day or night job /
you have at least one repeat client

you are just starting / don't sell yourself short /
don't charge more than you're worth on the Pay to Play site's (P2P)/

learn about equipment and editing software /

find more coaches and classes


Check usage rates

SAG/AFTRA rate sheet
GVAA non-union rate guide

 Never bid on a job on a P2P for less than $150

Tier 2

Years Working

Acting Backround / Union Status
3+ years acting / Improv / Union*

condensor or shotgun mic / preamp  

 / sound booth or treated closet /
skilled with editing software

Classes Coaches Workshops
yes / 2+ years / in classes

Booking Work
you are booking at least twice a month

 / you have 2+ repeat clients / no day job*
you are actively marketing yourself

Working Pro / don't sell yourself short 
/ charge what you're worth  on the Pay to Play site's (P2P)/

/ keep growing and learning /


Check usage rates

SAG/AFTRA rate sheet

GVAA non-union rate guide

 Never bid on a job on a P2P for less than $250

Tier 3

Years Working

Acting Backround / Union Status
5+ years acting / Improv / Union*

condensor or shotgun mic / preamp  

 / sound booth or treated closet /
skilled with editing software / employees

Classes Coaches Workshops
yes / 5+ years / coaches

Booking Work
you are booking at least twice a week

 / you have 5+ repeat clients / no day job
you are actively marketing yourself

VO Veteran / don't sell yourself short 
/ charge industry standard rates / join SAG/AFTRA

/ keep growing and learning /


Check usage rates

SAG/AFTRA rate sheet
GVAA non-union rate guide

 Never do a job for less than

Industry Standard Rates


Where do you start?
How do you grow?
Who can help?

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