August 2022

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Sept 10th - 11th NYC!

If you want to take your VO business to the next level, join us for the only conference dedicated to the business side of voiceover! After 3 years, VOcation NYC is finally happening again live and IN PERSON in New York City! We'll be at The Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theater at Symphony Space, and we can't wait to see you there! Space is limited, so get your tickets now!

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The Voice Over
Resource Guide!

Issue 75

The VO Industry's oldest publication since 1988 is back (after a two year hiatus). A new team, led by Jay Preston and Tim Friedlander, and a new vision for the future! 

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NAVA - National Association of Voice Actors

Join the Healthcare Insurance Census


 If you are looking for Healthcare Insurance options, join the NAVA Census. You'll receive updated information about NAVA's Health Insurance offerings, and have the opportunity to become covered under the NAVA Plans.

Yes U Can turn N.U. $ into Union!

Converting Voice Over Work from Non Union to Union

Catch the replay! 188 attendees!

Weekly VO Workouts

VO Weekly Workout VOWW

Keep your skills sharp.

Created by Jay Preston & Tim Friedlander for the VO Community!

Upcoming guest directors:

Tanya Buchanan, Melissa Grillo, Alicia Beekman, Kathryn Horan, Kelly Moskinski, Dmitri Michas, Libby Clearfield, Micaela Hicks, Chris Faela, Alyssa Gentile

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Voicecaster Burbank

$10 weekly workouts! The Voicecaster's Virtual VO Workout Group (VVOWG) is an on-going virtual workout for VO talent of all levels who want to practice their auditioning skills and get feedback directly from The Voicecaster's team of casting directors! We do two groups a week with a variety of commercial copy and you can submit or pass as you please! 
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On Demand Coaching!

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1:1 by the minute coaching with industry pros

With strong industry connections, SkillsHub provides on-demand coaching with the most hard-working, creative, and experienced coaches out there.

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for 10% off 3 months of membership!

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VOC Exclusives!

Gardner Collective Book Club

The BOOK CLUB is Back!

Join us this July - Sept

as we read the brand new book

The Art and Business of

Acting for Video Games

written by the incredible

Julia Bianco Schoeffling!

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Keep your vocal cords strong!

The Voice Straw Vocal Warm ups

The Voice Straw is scientifically shown to improve technique for singers, voiceover actors, and anyone who relies on voice projection as part of their work. It’s a must-have tool for anyone looking to improve their sound and strengthen their voice!

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VOC Demo Production Shoot out. Find and compare voice over demos.

VO Demo production now has it's OWN page! So perhaps you are ready for say... A DEMO THAT ROCKS?!? Head on over, have a listen to all the great producers and find the one that's right for you!

(BONUS: Tell Chuck Duran that the VOC sent you for $100 off your new demo!)

AUDIO NINJA Masterclass - Pro Studio WOrkshop


Whether you just got your first home studio setup with some blankets and your first microphone, or you're an established VO pro, there are countless ways to improve and optimize your home studio audio.

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August's Featured VO Shows

Tube Microphone in Studio

Voice Over Rates



It's up to each individual voice actor to keep the SUGGESTED* industry standard fair rates from plummeting.

This goes for union and non-union actors alike.

These rates vary based on:

where the vo will be aired

• how long it will air

• how the vo will be used

• what kind of vo & more

Sometimes it may SEEM easier to just say, "yup, I'll do it for that rate".

But you may be missing out on so much money when you do that. And you are also encouraging the industry standard rates to drop. *We also say, "Suggest" when it comes to Non-Union because there technically are no standard rates when it comes to non-union work. That's why there is a Union. Based on client budget and many other things, many have come together to find some common ground. That common ground is normally found by looking at the Union Rate Guide and going from there. 

Turn Your Non-Union VO work into Union Work!

Did you know...that it is pretty simple to convert eligible non-union voice over work into union work with the help of a SIGNATORY?!

Yes indeed! And our good friend's over at SoundBox:LA can help you out!

Just visit them below to get started!




Every Wednesday 

6pm Pacific on FB Live Here! 

Can't make it, watch it later HERE on YouTube

The VO School Podcast

Check out their website Here! 

The VO School Podcast is a weekly show that explores the ins and outs of the voiceover industry. Listen to one below!

A simple guide

Here is a little check list of sorts I put together to help easily guide your voice career forward and set goals.
<< be honest about where you are in your vo career and what your rates should be >>

Tier 1

Years Working

Acting Backround / Union Status
none / a little/ in classes / non union

usb mic / no sound booth or closet /
limited editing skills

Classes Coaches Workshops
none / just started / in classes

Booking Work
you are booking at least once a month
/ you still have a day or night job /
you have at least one repeat client

you are just starting / don't sell yourself short / don't charge more than you're worth on the Pay to Play site's (P2P)/
learn about equipment and editing software /find more coaches and classes

Check usage rates
SAG/AFTRA rate sheet
GVAA non-union rate guide
Never bid on a job on a P2P for less than $150

Tier 2

Years Working

Acting Backround / Union Status
3+ years acting / Improv / Union*

condensor or shotgun mic / preamp  
/ sound booth or treated closet /
skilled with editing software

Classes Coaches Workshops
yes / 2+ years / in classes

Booking Work
you are booking at least twice a month
/ you have 2+ repeat clients / no day job* you are actively marketing yourself

Working Pro / don't sell yourself short 
/ charge what you're worth  on the Pay to Play site's (P2P) / keep growing and learning /

Check usage rates
SAG/AFTRA rate sheet
GVAA non-union rate guide
Never bid on a job on a P2P for less than $250

Tier 3

Years Working

Acting Backround / Union Status
5+ years acting / Improv / Union*

condensor or shotgun mic / preamp  
/ sound booth or treated closet /
skilled with editing software / employees

Classes Coaches Workshops
yes / 5+ years / coaches

Booking Work
you are booking at least twice a week
/ you have 5+ repeat clients / no day job / you are actively marketing yourself

VO Veteran / don't sell yourself short 
/ charge industry standard rates / join SAG/AFTRA
/ keep growing and learning /

Check usage rates
SAG/AFTRA rate sheet
GVAA non-union rate guide

Never do a job for less than
Industry Standard Rates


Where do you start?
How do you grow?
Who can help?

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