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Demo Production

So you're ready for your demo?

There are MANY different types of demos you can create and so many incredible demo producers to choose from. It can be daunting especially when you are just starting out. It very well may be the most money you have ever spent on yourself at the beginning of your career. Do yourself a favor and shop around and meet with a few producers before you commit. Find the demo producer that is right for you and the one you feel will make you shine.

Below are VOC Recommended audio & video demo producers along with demo samples. 
One simple place to compare, contrast and see what's best for you! 

Helpful hints...

• Don't spend money on a demo until you are ACTUALLY ready!
• Any workshop or class that offers a demo at the end of it is usually a rip off. 
• Ask trusted friends if you are ready before committing to making a demo. 

$=$500-$1,000  $$=$1,100-$1,500  $$$=$1,600-$2,000  $$$$=$2,100+

Demos that rock - Chuck Duran Demo Production


Voice acting is a big business and it's only getting bigger and better. Before you move forward into this incredible industry, equipped to actually make an impact, you need to arm yourself with the right tools and reliable information. 

My goal is to give YOU the best chance possible of getting a top agent and/or reaching the next level of achievement in your voiceover career. I've done exactly that time and time again for many who are now at the top of their field. When you're ready to join them, shoot me an email. 


The consultation is FREE!

Tell Chuck the VOC sent you for $100 off!

 Chuck Duran Demos


Tina Morasco Demos

As one of LA’s busiest VO casting directors, Tina produces demos that sound like a compilation of actual commercials. She strives to make each individual spot tell a story and allow the listener to get a sense of the talent's authentic personality and showcase their acting ability. Tina uses contemporary music and tailors the scripts to reflect the products and delivery styles that are currently trending in the industry. Her engineer is a talented musician, as well as a master sound design technician, and together, they're able to create layers, dimension, and nuance through sound design that compliment and draw focus to the voice and the story being told. Tina collaborates with an award winning comedy copywriter to create personalized scripts that are unique to each actor. Her demos have been well received by the agent community, resulting in clients obtaining representation at top talent agencies. 

 Tina Morasco Demos


Demos That Rock
Tina Morasco Demos
West Coast Voiceover Demos

WCD is a boutique voiceover demo production team for the contemporary voice talent. Offering consultation, copywriting, direction, and full production.
Custom tailored demos for Animation/Video game, Interactive, Narration, and Radio Imaging.

West Coast Demos


West Coast Demos
Nancy Wolfson voice over demo production

A BraintracksAudio demo affirms not only a legit proficiency for the necessary skills of our trade (mastery of acting, rhetoric, melody, phrasing, context, mic technique, voltage-of-engagement, cultural nuance, advertising patterns, etc. only taught the way they are taught here), but also creatively showcases what is unique & useful about your personal style. Beginners now compete with Top Market Pro talent for exactly the same gigs. Therefore, Top Market abilities and an undeniably riveting Top Market portrait of your voice-brand are critical for beating the actual competition and getting paid. Nancy Wolfson and affiliates specialize in creating award-winning voice talent demos.

Braintracks Visual Voice Demos

BrainTracks Demos