What is the VOC?!

     Jay Preston created the VO Collective in 2011 as a private facebook group in order to keep in touch with classmates from VO workshops around LA. Simply because he was horrible at remembering names and thought networking with like-minded talent was important. The group grew more and more each year. It stayed a private group because Jay was only one person and didn't want it to get out of control. He also never expected it to gain so much interest. With the help of some incredible friends made along this journey, the VOC has evolved into a community hub. He has realized the importance of a trustworthy collective of friends and the value of reliable information. So now it's all here for everyone to benefit from. No matter what group you are a part of, what level you are at or how successful you are becoming,  it's important that the right information is shared and easily accessed. We'll make sure it's always here and always up to date! 

Get involved in this incredible community and help each other succeed! Rise together! 

Our Members

Each of our collective shares the same mindset. We are here to bring the best of the best to you.

Jay Preston

Founder • Webmaster • Voice Actor

Tim Friedlander

Soundbox • Musician • Voice Actor

Todd Haberkorn

VO Warrior • Task Master • Mom's Fav

Rebecca Davis

Actor • Traveler • Ninja

Scott Parkin

Actor • Copy Writer • Coach

David Toback

Actor • Photographer • GVAA

Keythe Farley

Director • Actor • Coach

Katie Von Till

Actress • Singer • Snow White

Mark Estdale

Director • Engineer • OMUK

Yuri Lowenthal

Actor • Author • Producer

J. Michael Collins

Voice Actor • Coach • Demo Producer

Kimberly Woods

Actress • MoCap • Creator

Jordan Reynolds

Actor • Engineer • Demo Producer

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