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VO Education & Training

As the great Dee Bradley Baker says... "So you wanna be a voice actor?"  Well, there is A LOT to learn. And figuring out where to start is daunting to say the least. Jay has put things in the order that helped him get started on his vo career. Of course you don't have to follow his path, everyone's path is unique and messy and glorious. Another amazing place to start is Dee's website. Just click that quote above. Even when you are done with that site, there will be plenty more here for you to explore. 

A word of advice...Even though you are an eager little VO beaver and want to do it all right away, choose a focal point. There are many avenues in voice over and if you try to do them all at the same time you will spread yourself too thin and it will only take longer. Focus on ONE aspect of VO until you master it (or at least start to make money in it) and then move on to the next. You will  be more likely to find success at a much faster rate. 

Below is a small curated list we've put together over the years, for even more options in every category please visit The Voice Over Resource Guide!

Stacked Books

The VO Bookshelf

Books are one of the absolute best ways to start learning something you don't already know. It's also a great way to test your commitment to your craft. Reading a book isn't for everyone. Some people just hate reading. Why would you want to buy a book and read when you could just ask someone who's doing it all your questions for free? Well, those people like you asked these authors below so many times that they wrote a book with all the answers. Seriously, some of the nicest and most successful voice actors answered all your questions below.
In fact, we believe in it so much, we started a Book Club!

"Read more BOOKS...BOOK more work!"
The Art and Business of Acting for Video Games
Voice Lessons: How a Couple of Ninja Turtles, Pinky, and an Animaniac Saved My Life
There's Money Where Your Mouth Is (Fourth Edition): A Complete Insider's Guide to Earning Income and Building a Career in Voice-Overs
Voice-Overs for Podcasting cover.jpg
Voice-Over Voice Actor: The Extended Edition
VO: Tales and Techniques of a Voice-Over Actor
Voiceover Achiever: Brand your VO career. Change your life.
Screen Shot 2024-05-06 at 1.45.15 PM.png
Living On Air: Adventures in Broadcasting
10 Things any Voice Actor Will Tell you by Erin Fitzgerald
V-Oh!: Tips, Tricks, Tools and Techniques to Start and Sustain Your Voiceover Career
Voice-Over 101: How to Succeed as a Voice Actor
Secrets of Voice-Over Success: Top Voice-Over Actors Reveal How They Did It
Voice Over LEGAL
Voiceover Narration: Creating Performances from the Inside Out
The Art of Voice Acting: The Craft and Business of Performing for Voiceover 7th Edition
More Than Just A Voice: The REAL Secret to Voiceover Success
Screen Shot 2024-05-06 at 1.48.20 PM.png
SOLIDARITY is a grassroots educational community and online resource for SAG-AFTRA members

SOLIDARITY is a grassroots educational community and online resource for SAG-AFTRA members
to better understand our union, discuss issues, generate solutions, and inspire each other to make our union stronger.

The VO Schools

There are a good amount of online and in person (when the world goes back to normal) VO Schools and Academy's these days. Here are just a few of our favorites.

A WORD OF ADVICE... make sure you are a well-rounded talent. Don't just choose one school or one coach and then go make your demo. You didn't have the same math teacher for 8 years, the same goes for VO. Learn as much as you can in order to be the best well-rounded voice actor you can be. 

Desk Globe

GVAA is an online voiceover school that provides a strong and caring support system for each and every student. Not only do we offer all the voiceover services you’ll need to achieve your goals, we create a personalized action plan to help you every step of the way!

THNEA Main -tp.png

At The Halp Network Entertainment Academy, one of our goals is to provide hands-on experience for folks looking to grow their skills in a practical fashion within the rapidly changing world of entertainment.Our workshops and classes are designed to advance and elevate our industry in a collaborative and engaging (currently online) environment. Come learn something new and share what you know.


Voiceover Camp's mission is to help you find your genuine voice and forge your own path! Whether you’re looking for a career in voiceover, want to assert yourself in whatever profession you’re pursuing, or just looking for a creative outlet, we're here to help you discover your journey through workshops, workouts, and classes led by working pros!

the vo dojo voiceover training

The V.O. Dojo is a training, networking, and resource center connecting voiceover actors of all levels, from those with an initial spark of interest to seasoned V.O. professionals.

Inspired by the discipline of martial arts and the fun and playfulness of improv, we encourage voiceover artists to approach their craft fearlessly and with the wisdom of a warrior.

kalmenson and kalmenson vo school

With close to 30 years of experience, we are the premiere source for producers searching for excellence in voice casting and for VO talent seeking to refine their VO acting skills and brand through our VO acting education program.

mocap vaults performance capture training

The gold standard in training for motion capture acting, directing and production. We have headquarters in London and Los Angeles, and all our staff are veterans of the industry that bring their extensive insight and experience to every class.


VoicePrint West’s teachers are working professionals in the voice over field ranging from Casting Director to successful VO artists. We provide you with up-to-the minute understanding and training through interesting, challenging workouts for your advancing success in the voice-over business.

The art of voice over is an ever-evolving process. Enjoy the ride.

The two principal instructors are Terry Berland, Casting Director, and Nick Omana, Voice-Over artist.

Learn the art and business of voiceover with steve blum

Steve has created a unique Voiceover Training program for people who are serious about taking their voice acting career to the next level.

Once a month you get to be live in class with Steve and a special guest, learning tips and techniques that you won’t learn anywhere else!

You’ll also get 24/7 access to the recordings of EVERY class, including over 50 guest teachers. Even if you can’t join us live, you won’t miss a thing.

Voice One VO Training

Voice One is the leading voice over school in San Francisco, offering a comprehensive training program for everyone from the novice to the professional. Our Core Curriculum features classes in commercial, character, narration, and acting to build a solid foundation in skill and technique. Advanced students get the opportunity to meet agents, casting directors and producers as well as membership on a talent database for exposure to local job opportunities.

Edge studio vo education

At Edge Studio, we have long believed in building a thriving community around the art of voice over, and our programs are centered around making you a part of that community. At Edge, we’ve identified 3 major categories of learners that come through our doors – Casual Learners, Aspiring Professionals, and Working Professionals.

QV Logo - Full.png

Queer Vox is a non-profit organization providing training and professional support for LGBTQIA+ voice actors in the entertainment industry while advocating for equitable opportunities and authentic representation in voice performance work.  They offer classes, networking opportunities, an online talent directory, industry DEI consulting, and a thriving Discord community.

ACE Studios Actor Training

We have one simple goal: to provide an Actors Creative Environment (ACE). In this environment, actors will learn from industry professionals and gain the necessary tools to enrich their acting career. The ACE Studios VO department focuses on one night classes with varying directors, casting directors, and other industry professionals to grow your skills as a voice artist.

Gravy for the Brain USA

Gravy For The Brain Ltd offers an ever-expanding range of online courses, face-to-face and online events, and valuable resources - all designed solely to benefit the voiceover community and raise the standard of the voiceover industry.

Weekly live mentoring sessions from our industry experts and up to 10 monthly webinars with special guests from the industry. 


Competitive Edge Voice Training was founded by Eliza Jane Schneider in 2015 to give voice to the unsung.  
Using cutting edge, revolutionary voice training techniques developed by Schneider and her voice acting colleagues over the past 3 decades, CEVT’s mission is to empower anyone who speaks English to turn their voice into their greatest asset, whether they do character voice acting, public speaking, or any business wherein mastery of English pronunciation is fundamental to success.


Just head on over to the Industry's most definitive resource guide below!

The Voice Over Resource Guide 2023
VO Books
VO Schools

The VO Workshops

Workshops are plentiful! They differ from classes because usually they are just one-off's or offered for a week or two. You can take workshops in pretty much EVERY aspect of voiceover. They are taught by anyone who has had any sort of success in their fields, big or small. From Casting Directors to Agents, Pro Talent to Voice Directors, if you are interested in something chances are there is a workshop for it. Below is an ever growing list of where to find workshops, but they will pop up everywhere so keep your VO eyes peeled! 


Voice Actors Network VO Workshops
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VAN Network Voice over

Bill Holmes has been a voiceover actor/director for 35 years. He started referring to himself as The Voiceover Doctor because of the style of teaching that he has developed over the past 35 years. It's a unique self-improvement system for voiceover actors.

VO Doctor
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Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 10.38.47

The VO Pros is a supportive and exclusive environment that invites talent and industry professionals to connect at our studio in Los Angeles and, with some events being offered via Zoom.


We have a full curriculum available to you from entrance level to advanced. You can participate in the entire curriculum, or jump in any place in-between, as long as you meet the criteria for that particular workshop.

Terry Berland Casting WOrkshops
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The Voicecaster is the largest voice casting company in the country. Workshops are currently held online via Zoom and are conducted by Owner & Head of Casting, Kelly Moscinski, various Casting and Booth Directors from The Voicecaster, amongst other talented VO veterans!

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Voicecaster Logo new 2024

Our workshops and private coaching focus on one thing -  improving your commercial VO auditions. Drawing on daily casting conversations with VO buyers, Elaine will arm you with tools for successful self-direction and give you a current, legitimate perspective on the industry. 

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Elaine Craig workshops

Perfect your voice acting skills while we all stay safe at home. Adventures in Voice Acting now offers online versions of our in-studio training events!

Virtual Courses are held on Zoom on Pacific Time (PT), and are open for students around the world!

Adventures in Voice Acting Classes
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Zoom Banner AiVA Virtual Logo.png

Animation • Gaming • Promo & Trailer • Commercial • Spanish Language • Home Recording

Always changing • Industry Pro's

Real voice LA workshops
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Real Voice LA Classes

Join the Weekly Workouts for 1 or 2-hour practical coaching sessions, over 6 weeks, with Victoria Atkin and her team of top coaches in Voice Acting as well as Performance Capture. Victoria also offers 1-1 Voice Acting coaching for Video Games and Performance Capture.

Book VO and PCap Workshop
XL Logo Horizontal - Book VO PCAP.png

For booking inquiries email:

VO Workshops

The VO Coaches

You can be coached in EVERY aspect of voice-over. Do your research, ask your peers. Find the coaches that you vibe with. Don't just pick one. Trust your instincts as well. Test out a coach in a workshop setting first and if you like the way they teach, start coaching. A solid coach can make all the difference in your VO career. Below are just a few of our favorites.

Champion of talent for over 2 decades, NANCY WOLFSON is a private Voice Over Teacher. Her coursework has been accredited at the university level for beginners, working pros, and celebrities. 

BrainTracksAudio Coaching
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Commercial • Animation • Narration

We create a customized voiceover curriculum just for you based on your experience, strengths, challenges, and goals.  We can focus on ANY area of voice over

Bookable voiceover
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Every and Anything VO

With Mary Lynn Wissner, you’ll learn how to adapt, apply and succeed with the ever-changing trends in advertising and production. You’ll gain the skill set and techniques tailored to your abilities, talent and range.

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Voices Voicecasting

Commercial • Career

The core of Dave Walsh’s revolutionary voiceover coaching is what he calls The TrueTell which is an easy and effective method for anyone, to accurately zero in on that most connected and passionate part of themselves and how they communicate

Dave Walsh Voiceover coaching
Walsh VO Coaching

Commercial • Promo • Narration

We create a customized voiceover curriculum just for you based on your experience, strengths, challenges, and goals.  We can focus on ANY area of voice over

Jeff Howell Voice Over Coaching
Jeff Howell VO Services

Commercial • Promo • Narration

Whether he’s coaching, casting, directing, writing or performing, it’s Keythe’s commitment to telling stories clearly and effectively that drives him in everything he does.

Keythe Farley VO Lounge Coaching
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Commercial • Animation • Video Games

Anne Ganguzza is a professional voice actor, coach, and award-winning producer with a dynamic presence and a passion for all things voice + technology. She works with talent around the world who are interested in boosting their VO career to the next level, using target-marketed demos and customized marketing strategies in addition to vocal coaching. 

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Corporate • Commercial • Elearning • Tech • Medical •Broadcast • Explainer • Telephony

Tina Morasco brings a unique blend of industry and artistry to her VO coaching, having been a voiceover agent at two of NY’s premiere talent agencies (WME and ICM) as well as a successful VO artist for the past 20 years. Most recently, Tina has been lending her expertise to Sound & Fury Casting, helping hundreds of brands find their perfect voice.


Commercial • Narration • Promo

Dave Fennoy has been a preeminent voice working in Los Angeles since 1990 and one of the most versatile voices in the industry providing voices for Commercials, Narrations, TV Promos, Award Shows, Animation and Games. Mr. Fennoy is a sought-after VO instructor, and the subject of a chapter in the book “Secrets of Voiceover Success” by Joan Baker.

Dave Fennoy Signature VO Coaching Video Games
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Dave Fennoy Coaching

Commercial • Animation • Video Games

She is the co-author of the industry book, “TV: Sex, Lies & Promos.” Invited to guest direct at several VO workshops, she was urged to teach privately and produce demos. Jodi has been teaching VO for over twenty years and specializes in promo, commercial and trailer reads.

Jodi Gottlieb Promo VO Coaching
Promo Voice over coaching

Promo • Commercial 

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Elaine's online private coaching focuses on one thing -  improving your commercial VO auditions. Drawing on daily casting conversations with VO buyers, Elaine will arm you with tools for successful self-direction and give you a current, legitimate perspective on the industry.

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Elaine Craig workshops

As Senior Producer for network television,  Harry has been in charge of promo campaigns for a multitude of shows. He coaches from the perspective of the on-air producer. It’s a super competitive business. Everyone needs an edge. Harry can help you get there.

Screen Shot 2021-05-15 at 2.01.51 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-05-15 at 2.01.51 PM.png

All aspects of Promo

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Arlene Thornton Agency
Sara Cravens VO Coaching

Crave started out doing comedy and improv before VO snatched her up and opened up this glorious dream job! Improv, comedy, commercials, and bringing your authentic unique specificity in a script/character are her jams. Love to also help actors find their way, be your accountability buddy, answer your questions you think might be too dumb to ask (btw they are not!), and talk through how to keep rejection/failure from dimming your freakin light.

Tools for the Career Actor

Study the Craft of Acting with Veteran Actor, Writer, Producer and Director Adam Paul

(How I Met Your Mother, Hollywood Residential, and more)

Adam Paul Acting Teacher

I currently have a waitlist. However, if you have an upcoming cartoon or game audition and need some immediate coaching I will bump you up the list if it fits into my schedule. Otherwise I take students in the order they get on my waitlist.

Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 3.11.38 PM.png
VO Coaching Bob Bergen
Bob Bergen Coaching Voice Over
Richard Redfield Trailer and Promo Coaching

Award-winning veteran trailer producer has directed thousands of VO sessions over the years, and has worked with innumerable top VO artists both as a creative director and a coach. Sharpen your 

skills, learn new ones and discover how to gain an advantage over the competition when auditioning, especially when self-directing. And have a little fun doing it.

With over 60 coaches, SkillsHub offers 1 on 1 on demand coaching tailored to your needs, budget and talent! Need 10 minutes for an audition?

Want 30 minutes of training? Just sign up!

Skills hub on demand voice coaching

Enter Code TheVOC for 10%!

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Voiceover camp workshops

If you have an audition (or auditions) you’d like to take to the next level, or just want some 1 on 1 time with one of our crew, then let's get connected. We’re able to book in 30min or 60min blocks only.

Elaine Clark VO Coaching and Productions Logo-High Res.png

Some call me the 'reprogrammer.'  Others call me 'coach'.  I'm Elaine Clark.  Over the past 40 years, I've launched the careers of over 5,000 voice actors.  Having voiced, directed, cast, or engineered a multitude of video games, commercials, narrations, and toy voices, I have the unique perspective of hearing performances from 360 degrees.  My coaching focus is getting people out of their heads and into their body so they trust, relax and breathe life and 3-D imagery into their words.  


The VO Classes

Classes are a little different than workshops and schools/academies. They can be live, or pre-recorded. They usually last a few days or weeks or even months. They typically have a particular focus and at the end of them you usually tend to be a little better at whatever it was than before! They are also a great way to get good at the more technical aspects of voiceover like Audio Engineering and Editing! Below are just a few of our favorites.

Tired of searching endlessly on the web for the right/wrong answers about audio? Tim Tippets, AKA "VO Tech Guru" has taken his many years of experience teaching his one-on-one Audition Ready audio course, honed it, refined it, and is now making it available online.

Auditions Ready Online Masterclass
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Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 9.00.57 AM.png

Adobe Audition • SEO Overdrive


Whether you just got your first home studio setup with some blankets and your first microphone, or you're an established VO pro, there are countless ways to improve and optimize your home studio audio.

AUDIO NINJA Banner.png
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AUDIO NINJA Banner.png

From Home to Pro Studios

For nearly 40 years, Nancy Cartwright has voiced some of the most iconic animated characters on screen, including you know, Bart Simpson! Now the Emmy winner takes you into the recording booth to teach you the art of voice acting. 

Nancy Cartwright teaches voice acting - Masterclass

Characters & Animation Class

Joe's course is a one-of-a-kind resource for ALL skill levels – over a hundred lessons of custom-made content for my students, carrying them anywhere from knowing nothing about microphones or building a studio – all the way to booking paid work on their own, with no experience, demos, agents, or training required.

Use Code VOC20 for 20% off!

VO Classes


Online, on-demand, personalized coaching when you really need it.

SkillsHub lets you book 10-60 minutes

with top industry pros who know what it takes to stand out.

• Per-minute billing • A full menu of skills • Flexible time slots

•Last minute audition help • Career guidance •


Over 65 coaches - all Casting Directors, Voice Directors and Working Actors

Get the coaching you need, when you need it, how you need it with SkillsHub

PLUS... Enter code TheVOC when you sign-up and get 20% off your membership for 3 months! To top it off, when you sign up the first week is free!

Skills Hub ON Demand Voiceover coaching
Blue Background

Co-founded by Jennifer Hale, her sister Carren Dujela and their friend Bill Reid, SkillsHub is a safe and powerful space for actors and coaches of all levels to work together on auditions or anything else you may need!

Skills Hub VO Coaching
Jennifer Hale Skills Hub VOC Coupon Code

Enter Code TheVOC for 10% off your membership for 3 months!

The Skills

Incredible VO Resources!

VO Resources

Then there are other tools that have been created for voice actors. Some of them, you didn't even know you needed until you find them and use them. Here are some of the amazing EXTRA resources that we have found over the years! May they help you in your time of need.

The Voice Over Xtra News Blast

VO News

VoiceOverXtra is the voice over industry’s award-winning online news, education and resource center. Voice actors and audiobook narrators visit the site daily for the latest industry news, how-to articles, resource lists and webinar

recordings library – all together, a vast archive of how-to advice from leading voice

actors, narrators and trainers.


Since 1988

The Voice Over Resource Guide is the industry’s oldest voice over publication since 1988.  Here you’ll find listings and resources for all things voice over, including recording studios, casting services, actor training, voice over rates, demo production, talent agencies, and much more.

National Association of Voice Actors - Voice Actor Health Care

A 501(c)(3)

NAVA is a new association to advocate and promote the advancement of the voice acting industry through action, education, inclusion, and professionalism.  Paving the way for affordable Health Care for all Voice Actors!

Sign the Healthcare Census Today!

VO Business Management - Voiceoverview

VO Business

Custom Made For The Voice Over Industry Our suite of voice over business management tools are custom made for the voice over industry. Each tool was developed to help you track, manage and grow your business. They let you keep track of your clients, understand where your leads are coming from, review your income/expenses and share your voice with our One Page VO Websites.

Voice Actor Websites

VO Websites

We believe in creating fast, mobile-friendly, responsive, highly functional designs that are easy to read and easy to use. You have full control, no need to hire someone every time you want to make a change. We think your VO website shouldn’t be a pain in the you know what! That’s why our voice over web design philosophy is make sure everything we build is based on the values expressed above.


DIY VO Websites

 Build your voice over website in minutes with, the DIY website builder and hosting platform for voice talent. No coding involved, easy to edit yourself and built-in features like playable and downloadable audio demos with analytics, mobile responsive layouts, and client payment integration via your PayPal.

Free & premium site subscriptions available with new features added regularly.


The VO Podcasts

These incredible podcasts are invaluable and chock full of tips and info!
Screen Shot 2021-05-15 at 2.12.06 PM.png

Rob Paulsen... one of the absolute best in the business. Each episode is chock full of laughs and insider knowledge, stories and incredible heart. If you were to just choose one podcast to listen to, this would be the one. Also be sure to catch a live show. Rob is one of a kind. 

The VO School Podcast is a weekly show that explores the ins and outs of the voiceover industry. Each week builds upon the last to give you a comprehensive understanding of the industry. We look at the art, craft and business of voiceover, and with the help of some of the industries top professionals, we drill down and dig up the truth.

Join professional voice actor Mike Lenz as he interviews the most amazing entrepreneurs from all areas of the Voice-Over industry.  Get a front row seat into his and his guest's VO journey's, get sage advice from pros in the industry, and get some inspiration to start and grow your VO career.


From creating a winning business mindset and plan to choosing the best marketing strategies & tools, the VO BOSS podcast guides voiceover talent toward success. Each week, Anne Ganguzza focuses on a specific topic, helping talent navigate today’s voiceover industry and having fun along the way!


What happens when you pair a voice actor with a film director, mix in some great entertainment guests, and lots of laughs? Entertainment Dudes Video Podcast!

Hosts, Cam Cornelius and Jason Crossman have extensive on and off-camera experience. Together with their guests, they create entertainment gold and now they want to bring you to the party!

Podcast cover 1.jpg

SPEECHLESS is a behind-the-scenes take on real life in the voice over industry-stories, resources & unsolicited opinions. People think voiceover is “fun & easy”. While it can be both, VO can also be a hot mess: competition, financial fails, & nervousness to the point of mustache sweat. We break it down for you. Combo of business acumen & the awkward & embarrassing, you know…real stuff. With six-figure, kick “A” careers, we share the good stuff with others because everybody needs a leg up.

Vo Meter 169.jpg

The VO Meter Podcast by progressing Voice Actors Paul Stefano and Sean Daeley will help you navigate the world of voice over. Please leave us a comment or send us your QUESTIONABLE GEAR PURCHASES! The VO Meter...Measuring Your Voice Over Progress.

On my show I take you the listeners on an in-depth journey into the lives, careers, advice and more of the voiceover actors and professionals who make that world all come to life. Sometimes we even have a few guests that may or may not be in the VO industry.


Get comfortable. Take off your shoes and put on some slippers. I did. Settle in, unwind, and Lounge with me for an hour or so.  We’ve got stories and songs and movies and recipes all designed to help you groove with the rhythms of the season. You know, the way the light and the darkness are always flowing into and out of each other?


We’re gearing up for Season 4 of ‘THE PERFORMANCE CAPTURE PODCAST SPONSORED BY VICON’. The podcast is FREE and available on all major podcast platforms.  Produced by Victoria Atkin (host), Bethanie Monroe and Vicon. 

Punch and Pop.png

Voice Acting with Veronica Barrera, a weekly show. Enjoy a hot beverage with professional voice actor Veronica as she interviews talent, casting directors, producers, writers, tech guys, singers, engineers and so many great individuals in the voice over industry. Each guest brings amazing advice and tips to inspire someone to start and if you are already established, to continue to grow your career


This podcast will give you the inside scoop from The Voicecaster VO Casting & Recording Studios's team of Casting Directors. We'll cover topics on all things VO and give you  behind-the-scenes look into all aspects from the casting side of the voiceover industry. 

The Voicecaster's owner and head of casting, Kelly Moscinski, will be at the helm answering YOUR questions in each episode

Real Talking Tips voiceover podcast

This 52-episode Micro-Learning Podcast by Host, Creator, Voice Actor & Coach Elaine A. Clark provides insights, tips, and lessons for voice actors to review, perform, and improve their voiceover skills.  Real Talking Tips focuses on specific elements from her books, There's Money Where Your Mouth Is & Voice-Overs for Podcasting, plus her two voice and diction apps, Activate Your Voice and Adding Melody To Your Voice.

Web Shows

Latest VO Web Show!

Talking Voices
The VO BS!
Ask Dave!
The Outspoken!
VO Tech Guru
YouTube Resources
Just listening to others is an invaluable learning tool. Here's two to get you started. One is Generation West, INCREDIBLE voice actors are compiled here. Subscribe, it's amazing! The other is a playlist Jay Preston has been putting together of VO Commercial reference video's. Check it out and start compiling your own! 
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