Here are the facts if your SERIOUS about a career in VO

* It's more than a full time job.

* It costs lots of money to start up. 

* You need to also learn how to edit audio. 

* You need to have acting training

* You need to run it like a business

* You need to know the industry standard rates

* It takes TIME. This will not happen within a year.


VOC Recommends

Created by Tim Friedlander, Jay Preston & Brad Venable. The online VO Weekly Workout is an incredible way to hone your craft, and get feedback from agents, directors and top pros in the industry. The ability to listen to your peers and read their feedback as well is an invaluable and unparalleled tool in the VO Industry. And at only $10 a pop. It can't be beat!

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1 on 1

If you are ready to take your skills to the next level or hone in on a specific area in voice over, then grab yourself a coach! 

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“It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it.” 
― Oscar Wilde


VO Books

Always start here - I Want To Be A Voice Actor! by Dee Bradley Baker
And now a brand new website for Newcomers

VO Podcasts

These incredible podcasts are invaluable and chock full of tips and info!

Rob Paulsen... one of the absolute best in the business. Each episode is chock full of laughs and insider knowledge, stories and incredible heart. If you were to just choose one podcast to listen to, this would be the one. Also be sure to catch a live show. Rob is one of a kind. 

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The VO Meter Podcast by progressing Voice Actors Paul Stefano and Sean Daeley will help you navigate the world of voice over. Please leave us a comment or send us your QUESTIONABLE GEAR PURCHASES! The VO Meter...Measuring Your Voice Over Progress.

The VO School Podcast is a weekly show that explores the ins and outs of the voiceover industry. Each week builds upon the last to give you a comprehensive understanding of the industry. We look at the art, craft and business of voiceover, and with the help of some of the industries top professionals, we drill down and dig up the truth.

Join professional voice actor Mike Lenz as he interviews the most amazing entrepreneurs from all areas of the Voice-Over industry.  Get a front row seat into his and his guest's VO journey's, get sage advice from pros in the industry, and get some inspiration to start and grow your VO career.

On my show I take you the listeners on an in-depth journey into the lives, careers, advice and more of the voiceover actors and professionals who make that world all come to life. Sometimes we even have a few guests that may or may not be in the VO industry.


Latest VO Web Show!

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YouTube Resources
Just listening to others is an invaluable learning tool. Here's two to get you started. One is Generation West, INCREDIBLE voice actors are compiled here. Subscribe, it's amazing! The other is a playlist Jay Preston has been putting together of VO Commercial reference video's. Check it out and start compiling your own!